Genentech Cost Effectively Created Buzz

Genentech needed to increase its presence at its largest tradeshows — but cost effectively.

The Challenge

Genentech wanted to create “buzz” in its booth and station resources at every entry point of the booth in order to “own” its largest tradeshow. Genentech and its exhibit house partnered with CMT Agency to dramatically increase its presence at the show without increasing its expenses.

The Solution

CMT Agency provided 25 facilitators, half of whom were bilingual and all of whom held college degrees and a similar professional appearance as full-time Genentech employees. All facilitators were staffed locally and trained prior to the shows. CMT facilitators allowed Genentech sales reps to focus on higher value-add selling activities.

CMT Agency’s global capabilities have provided an overall improved ROI and presence at Genentech tradeshows.

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