Costumed Talent Draws Attention to Liquor Promotion

BFG marketing agency was seeking costumed talent for its client’s liquor promotion.

The Challenge

BFG needed a partner that could identify sexy girls for its client’s liquor promotion, and CMT Agency was able to help. Additionally, costumes for the promotion needed to be designed that would align with the liquor brand.

CMT Agency researched costumes and communicated ideas and recommendations. Collaboratively the agencies chose the best direction for the costumes with a fun and playful spirit that would attract customers. CMT Agency identified the right talent for the promotion and coordinated all the details, including the costumes.

The Solution

The promotion was a success for all stakeholders. It was well received and fun for the consumer, with a local wrestling event costume inspired by traditional Luchador, an aviation costume inspired by WWII pin-up girl Betty Paige and Sugar Skull costume inspired by Pirates.

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