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BFG Marketing Agency: Costumed Talent Generates Buzz for Liquor Promotion


BFG Marketing Agency brings brands to life through creative storytelling and immersive branded experiences. Since 1995, they’ve worked and built some of the largest brands.

To help generate buzz for their client’s latest liquor promotion, BFG Marketing Agency was tasked with creating an out-of-the-box experience that would generate brand awareness, drive promotional trials and captivate audiences using a local wrestling event as a backdrop to the promotional campaign.

The Challenge

To make the event truly memorable, BFG Marketing Agency needed to create a concept that would exceed the expectations of both their client and their client’s audience. They needed specialty talent that would align with the liquor’s brand story and costumes to play the part.

But the talent had to be more than a pretty face. They needed to make the audience believe in the characters they were portraying while embodying the traits and values of the brand to promote product trials.

The Solution

To ensure BHG Marketing agency’s success, CMT Agency undertook extensive research to select the right costume designs for the event. Together, BHG Marketing and CMT Agency decided on playful and fun costumes intended to pique customers’ interest and embody the spirit’s brand image.

Using CMT Agency’s talent management software, they were able to select the right talent and coordinate all the details of the event and costumes. The result? A lively and entertaining production with promotional talent dressed in costumes inspired by traditional Luchador culture, WWII Pin-up Betty Page and Sugar Skulls a la Pirates of the Caribbean.

I cannot express how appreciative I am for the incredible support CMT Agency gave us. We faced significant challenges and CMT Agency took care of them all.

Kevin R. - GSK Consumer Healthcare

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