CMT Helps Blend Spirits and Promotions

Ernest and Julio Gallo conducted a multi-city tour around the Southeast — Florida, Georgia and Louisiana — for two high-end products, New Amsterdam Gin and Hennessy XO. E & J needed professional talent at each venue to deliver its message and encourage sales and found the task of booking talent on its own overwhelming.

The Challenge

E & J challenged CMT Agency to provide the right talent to greet customers, introduce the product, push sales and judiciously hand out specialty items. “Managing the talent logistics for a multi-city event can be too daunting without the proper talent connections,” said a spokesperson for E & J.

The Solution

The tour was the perfect blend of exceptional product and talent. For each city on the tour, CMT provided talented professionals who were knowledgeable about the products, greeted customers and drove product sales. The agency also stored and shipped E & J’s point-of-sale display and give-aways during the length of the tour.

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