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Can Promotional Models Attract The Attention You Are Looking For?

| June 15, 2018

CMT Agency Promo Models

Let’s look at two scenarios.

Company 1 is holding a live event to draw attention to its new store opening. All the company’s executives are out in suit and tie. There is a ribbon across the door. After saying a few words, the president of the company cuts the ribbon and opens the door. End of opening.

Company 2 is holding a similar live event to draw attention to its new store opening. In front of the store, there is a stage area with live music playing. Teams of promotional models are going through the crowd offering promotional materials and samples. They have been trained and can answer basic questions. The team is wearing company t-shirts with logos to match the staff. The company president comes up on stage, with a few models, and welcomes everyone. After a few jokes, the doors to the store open. The models come inside the store with the crowd and help people find what they want to see. End of opening.

Which event would you rather have representing your company? Having promotional models on hand can make a difference.

When you are planning any type of live event, you need to think about what will attract the most people. One fantastic way of attracting attention to your event is by using attractive and intelligent promotional models. They can be the face and voice of your promotional efforts to an attentive audience.

What can promotion girls bring to your event?

  • Amp-up excitement level – Most people want to be part of something exciting. That is why live events, done right, can be effective marketing tools. When you bring in promotional models, you will get a higher level of excitement. You will draw more people and your event will be more successful. When you want to take your event to the next level, you need to bring in the girls.
  • More customer attention – Pretty faces draw crowds, thus promo models can draw more people to your event. They can also make the audience more receptive to your marketing message. This is the perfect combination for getting your audience’s attention and to get your message across. That is the very reason you want to have a live event in the first place.
  • Fun atmosphere – Your event needs to have an element of fun for people to enjoy themselves. Bringing in a team of models is a great way to start. They can mingle with the crowd. They can bring a smiling face to each of your customers. Add a bit of live entertainment and pretty faces in the crowd and you have the perfect combination.
  • Cohesive marketing message – Your event needs to have a cohesive message throughout. With training, your promotional models can carry your marketing message to your customers. Dressing everyone in similar uniforms that promote the message you are trying to convey adds another layer. Make your marketing efforts resonate in everything you do.
  • Interactive marketing – Promotional models can bring your product or service to the crowd. With training, your models can do demonstrations. They can answer questions. They can promote the features you want. Your audience will love having people talking directly to them in the crowd. That will give your marketing an interactive element that other companies do not have.

When you bring in promotion girls, your event will take on a new level of excitement. That excitement makes your audience even more receptive to your marketing message.

If you are ready to use promotional models, call CMT Agency. We have hundreds of promotional models ready to help you with your next live event. Our project staff can help you put together the right talent to make your event exciting and memorable. Contact us today by clicking the link below.