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How Can Event Models and Talent Make Your Event Worth While?

| June 30, 2017

When putting together a live event, you need to think about the entire package. You need a plan. You need to think about how to approach your target audience for the most impact. With most events, you can use promotional models to enhance the event. In fact, they can make your event worth all the effort you put into it.

Here is how promotional event models and talent can make your event work:

  • Boost visibility and awareness of products and services – If you are trying to stand out from your competition, using models can make a big difference. Models help you to promote your products and services in a way that will boost your audience’s awareness of your company and your brand. This works especially in places where your competition is right there, like on a trade show floor.
  • Host your booth or event– A mistake that many companies make when planning a live event or a booth is not having an effective presentation. Having your executive VP come up and say a few words is not enough. You want a dynamic presentation. Bringing in promotional event models with great talent can make that happen. They can host your events and get the excitement levels up while your sales people handle the details.
  • Participate in PR events– Publicity events are the cornerstone of many companies. This is where you are talking directly to your target audience. With models on your team, you can amp up the event’s excitement level. The models can mingle with the crowd and pass out samples or promotional materials. They can wear your company’s uniform and give your event a cohesive look. With training, they can answer questions and direct people to your sales team.
  • Do entertainment marketing – People like to be entertained. When you bring in models, you have opened up options for how you market your product to your audience. Many models have other talents that you can benefit from, too. Perform a skit. Sing a jingle. Assist in a magic show. The options are just about endless. This will get your audience’s attentionand get your message across.
  • Do live demonstrations – Live demonstrations showcase your product or service. People believe what they see more than what they hear. You can take advantage of this with demos. You can train your promotional model team on how to demonstrate the product and what features you want them to highlight. This gives an interactive experience for your customers and an effective tool for your marketing.
  • Draw people into your space– If you are on a trade show floor, you are directly competing with other companies for the attention of visitors. When you use models, you will gain an advantage. That attraction can help you increase the number of booth visitors you get. That means you have more people to hear your message and see what you have to offer.
  • Increase customer demand for products, services, concepts, or brands– When people see what you have to offer, being presented by a promotional model, they will want to see more. That will increase the demand for your products and services. It will increase customer awareness of your concepts and brands. That is great for your marketing efforts.

Make your event memorable for everyone to see. Bring in promotional models to make it happen.

If you want to take your next event to a higher level, contact CMT Agency. We have years of experience in staffing events with event models and the best talent. We have thousands of models in our files so we can help you staff your event with the best people.