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Booth Babes: A Never Ending Story

| August 14, 2018

CMT Agency Booth Babes

The ongoing debate continues to baffle marketers as they try to argue the advantages and disadvantages of the age old ‘Booth Babe.’ As both sides dispute the value and detriment that the Booth Babe can pose to your brand, your company, and ultimately your ROI, there is one common factor:. Misconception. The real misconception is really just a misunderstanding of who Booth Babes are and what they do.  Not understanding the value of promotional models at tradeshows and events is what brings the spotlight on the discussion that Booth Babes are nothing more than beautiful people using sex to sell or promote a product or service.

As an agency that specializes in providing promotional models – the more appropriate title for these hard working brand ambassadors, CMT Agency is dedicated to helping companies, and the general public, understand their value and take advantage of the marketing power of promotional models.

Let’s face it, change can be good thing, and an effective marketer is never afraid to reinvent the wheel. Booth Babes have been given a bad name because marketers have overused their sex appeal to attract large crowds at tradeshows. Putting these models in skimpy clothing and having them stand around and look pretty, or maybe dance on a platform might draw in the crowd, but the marketers stopped there – they didn’t bother to have the models do more – like sell the product or service, or engage with prospective customers. Why does a booth babe have to be just for appearance purposes? They don’t, and should not be used in that manner – it is not a good use of money and can hurt your ROI. Many of CMT crowd gatherers are more than just beauty, they are brains too, which we all know can be a deadly combination. Most of our “Booth Babes” range in the age from 18 to 35 years old. Many are either currently enrolled in classes at a University or have already graduated with a BA, BS, or even Masters, and are modeling on the side to make extra income.

Booth Babes should be more than just the eye candy in front of your marketing efforts. Sure, they are beautiful ladies, and sometimes men, but if you limit your efforts to that need alone you are missing out on utilizing their full capabilities.  Booth Babes, when used effectively, are product specialists, product demonstrators, and sales assistants dressed in branded or professional attire effectively engaging with your consumer and focused on promoting your brand – a true extension of your own team. A pretty face or fit body might pull in an audience, but effective Booth Babes have the smarts to talk with your audience and turn them into leads and/or customers – pushing your ROI through the roof.

For the best ROI on your events, take the time to research your target audience, the type of attendees at each show, and have a clear definition behind your marketing strategy. Booth Babes are only negatively reflecting a brand or company if they are misused and their purpose doesn’t match the marketing strategy. And, Booth Babes are just one component of your larger marketing efforts towards success at your event.

When used appropriately Booth Babes are effective, and although some in the industry say that they need to go, Booth Babes are here to stay.  Don’t fight it – embrace it.  Hire some for your next event and see the difference they really do make.

Forget the rest and go with the best.  Partner with CMT Agency for your next event and you are guaranteed to have the best promotional models – the ones with brains and beauty.