Why You Should Use Promo Models

Why You Should Use Promo Models

A billboard that makes you turn your head. A magazine ad that causes you to stay on that page just a little bit longer than you normally would. A commercial that has you pressing the rewind button for your DVR. This is the live effect promo girls have at your booth or event. You are looking to grab the attention of the passers-by; just like a print ad is trying to catch the eyes of the page turner or a billboard aims to catch the eye of the driver on the interstate, and just like a commercial is trying to capture the attention of the AD-riddled, DVR/Netflix-age viewer. They are just trying to get that split-second advantage over their competition. That is what your brand is fighting for in any live interaction you set up. Hiring promo girls to represent your brand is a almost a sure-fire way to guarantee you’ll get a look, maybe even two or three, that you might not get otherwise.

What you’re getting in a promo model is an extension of your staff; a trained model who, by the time the event rolls around, will be well versed in your brand and what you’re trying to get across to the public at the particular event. You’re getting someone who does this for a living, thus the term professional promo model. They’ll take that split second of someone’s attention span and turn it into an organic sales pitch you wouldn’t be able to get to with your everyday staff. You basically have a walking billboard, a living print ad that can take it that extra step and engage the public instead of just grabbing their attention.

Promo girls don’t only interact with the people, they also interact with your product. Demonstrations or handing out samples is a way of connecting the promo models to your brand. Maybe the models make up a three-girl acapella group that can spontaneously bust into song about your brand while handing out samples. Maybe they can become the face of your brand. You’re implementing a swiss-army knife version of a brand ambassador with a professional promo model.

They can also just create a feel-good, lively environment. Any girl can sit at a booth and hand out free swag with your brand on it. A professional promo girl can create an environment that people will want to spend time in and will draw others in. They can control a room and what brand wouldn’t want control of the room they’re in?

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