Why Should I Consider Using Trade Show Models?

Why Should I Consider Using Trade Show Models?
Many companies falsely believe the cost of using models is too expensive. However, the opposite is true. Models can improve the effectiveness and results of your tradeshow.

There are many reasons to bring these models into your trade show efforts. 

1: Models promote your products
If you have products you want to promote at the trade show, promo models are the perfect choice. With a bit of preshow training, they can handle product demonstrations showcasing how it works and its key features. Professional talent handling the demonstration is proven to increase visibility and make a positive impression.

2: Promotional models can hand out marketing materials 
Trade show visitors have to select which booths to visit. Models can help drive people to your booth and distribute promotional materials. Also, the right talent in the booth can engage potential customers to share more information about your brand and product.

3: The right talent draws attention and attract more people
To effectively market to events with larger attendance levels, it requires engaging the right talent to mingle and promote your company and its brand. Using professional talent who are available locally means you can avoid pulling your employees away from their daily responsibilities and eliminate paying for their travel expenses. The right hired talent can handle larger crowds and work as an extension of your brand.

4: Promotional models can encourage guests to leave contact information
As promotion talent and models mingle with visitors, they can engage and promote the product. They can also move the visitors towards an area where they can leave contact information and pick up more information giving your sales team leads to pursue.

5: On-site models can save employee travel time and cost
If you want a large booth at your next trade show, hire local talent to staff your booth and engage attendees. It is essential to bring a few key people to the trade show meaning you have people on hand with deep product knowledge. Assign promotional items and engaging visitors to the promotional models and talent.

Where would it make sense for you to use trade show models?

If you are planning on exhibiting at a trade show, it is important to think about the entire event. You might have a large booth that needs extra faces to help greet and mingle with customers. Maybe you want someone to help with demonstrations. Maybe you just need help handing out promotional materials. There are tons of ways that models, professional talent and brand ambassadors can improve your trade show presence.