Why Should a Company Use Promotion Girls?

Why Should a Company Use Promotion Girls?

Promotion girls are a great way to drive consumer demand for your product, service, brand or concept, or to conduct market research on any of the above, through their interaction with prospects. They can be utilized at stores, shopping malls, trade shows, events, clubs, and outdoors in public areas — in other words, wherever there is high traffic or a significant target audience. Although traditionally popular for the beverage, gaming and auto industries, promotion girls are now being used in almost every sector.

Although the models often spend only a short time speaking to every customer, they leave an enduring impression of your company in the clients’ minds through the quality of a live experience. Furthermore, to increase the number of customers reached, models can interact with groups of people and therefore communicate with a large number of prospects in a single day.

During their interactions with customers, promotional models can supply information about your products, increase brand awareness and help to form an association between your product or brand and a particular idea. This ensures that consumers begin to perceive the product or brand accordingly, based on the appearance and personality of the model.

Other than simply talking to potential buyers, promotion girls often distribute samples of a product, a gift from the company or a flyer with more information. Customers also have a chance to try out the latest offerings from the company, or may receive a discount on a service.

At trade shows, promotion girls ensure that your booth stands out among your hundreds of competitors while helping your company engage with a large number of visitors. Models greatly improve the amount of sales and leads by first drawing attendees to the booth, then engaging the prospects in conversation, and finally inspiring an interest in a particular product. Promotion girls who are skilled in the art of engaging prospects at trade shows know how to engage with your prospects in order to gain qualified leads for your sales team.

When promo models are used for market research purposes, your company can use the experience to gauge initial reactions of clients. You can receive information on target demographics and the usability of products allowing you to identify early market trends along with any issues that are voiced by potential buyers.

Another way to leverage promotion models is to create a spokes model to represent your company in your advertisements. The spokes model creates an image of your company and helps to develop brand perceptions. This is an effective strategy proven to drive results.

How have you used promotion girls to improve your brand awareness, increase leads and sales, or conduct market research?