What Are Brand Ambassadors & When Should They Be Used?

What Are Brand Ambassadors & When Should They Be Used?

Is your company’s marketing strategy a little lackluster? If so, you’re not alone. It’s because of this that more and more companies are enlisting brand ambassadors in order to boost consumer interest and sales. In this post we’ll explore what brand ambassadors are, and when you should consider using them.

What are brand ambassadors?

In a nutshell “brand ambassador” is a term that is used to describe a person who is hired by a business to promote its products or services, as well as its brand as a whole. Brand ambassadors essentially become the living embodiment of what the company is so as to humanize the business and its affiliated goods and services. This is accomplished as the ambassador works to represent the company in a positive light by attracting new customers, showing enthusiasm for the brand, relating to prospective clients, expressing the company’s messages, etc. In other words, brand ambassadors work to attract the interest of consumers and prime them to make a buying decision.

When should brand ambassadors be used?

Brand ambassadors can be utilized in just about any situation, however, here is a breakdown of several situations in which hiring them is a must:


  • When you’re a little fish in a big pond – Trade shows and exhibitions are an excellent opportunity for you to make use of a brand ambassador. Imagine your table or booth amongst a sea of competitors, all vying for the attention of a limited consumer base. How can you possibly expect to attract buyers? Now imagine yourself in that same scenario but with one or more brand ambassadors working hard to get in the thick of the crowd, spark the interest of potential customers, and lead them back to you? Another great way to use your spokespeople in situations like these is by having them hand out branded freebies to draw the crowds to you. Lastly, attractive models who are willing to pose for pictures are an ideal way to not only draw interest to your table, but to advertise your company. By having your ambassadors pose with visitors in front of your brand’s signage, you’ll find yourself showing up in hundreds and hundreds of Facebook photo albums – free marketing!
  • When you’re hitting the road – If your brand is going on a tour, it’s a wise idea to work with brand ambassadors. The costs associated with lodging, meals, airfare, per diem, etc. can add up very quickly and become overwhelming. Why not cut out all of those costs and work with ambassadors instead? The best talent companies will be able to provide your business with a highly qualified spokesperson in whichever cities you visit. So if, for example, you plan to travel to 10 different trade shows, you will be provided with a brand ambassador for each show so that you can focus on sales and enjoy the luxury of talented brand representative bringing consumers to you for closing – all while having to pay for no travel expenses other than your own.
  • When you need a little extra “oomph” – Sometimes even the best marketing efforts are simply not enough and you have to start thinking outside of the box. Are you hoping to attract the interest of young girls to a new doll? In the eyes of a child, a boring old adult playing with a toy is not going to convince them that it is cool. You might consider hiring a brand ambassador to dress up as a real live version of the doll in order to interact with and engage the little ones. Are you looking to promote your German beer? What better way to interest your target audience than by using attractive brand ambassadors dressed as bar maids to hand out samples and talk up your brew? By thinking outside the box, you can significantly amp up your campaign.

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