Use A Street Team To Get Your Name Out There

Use A Street Team To Get Your Name Out There

A street team is one of the most unique and interesting ways to distribute your marketing message, whatever your industry. By reaching people when they least expect it, you create a great buzz for your brand while educating, promoting, and getting people involved. The energy, fun and excitement that you create through your promotion will ultimately bring many more customers to your store and increase your sales.

The goal of your street team is to get face time for your business and work toward a particular need, therefore the events and promotions that you decide to use should be designed to work for your organization. You can choose something very simple or extremely over the top depending on the image you are aiming to create.

Consumers are becoming bored of traditional media campaigns. Consider some of the following types of promotions and events to put a face to your brand and develop your image as a whole.

  • Free giveaways. You can give away free items at an event such as a movie premier or any local gathering where many people are attending. The item ideally should feature the company logo and a message along with a link to your website or social network pages.
  • Distribute information about your brand, and your logo. There are a huge number of ways to distribute information about your brand, but the most successful will be those that make an impact. Ideas include flyers, sidewalk stencils, stickers, posters and projections, placed around the neighborhood. You can use this technique to inform clients about a change of location or upcoming event.
  • Host an event. Your event can either be for charity or just within your establishment. The street team begin be helping you find guests and then can interact with attendees at the function. Your options are numerous as to the theme — almost anything is suitable provided it has some relevancy to your business.
  • Neighborhood cleanups. Your street team can clean up an area of your neighborhood (for instance, the main street) and then leave behind a message in chalk, snow, water, or another environmentally clean material, to promote your business. The added benefit of this technique is, rather than just leaving a message, the people in your area will feel appreciation for what you have done for the community.
  • Face time. Your street team should be used to tell people about what you have to offer. Even when you have no particular event or special promotion plan, the group can hit the streets to talk with prospects in order to answer questions and receive valuable feedback. Face time can be used in conjunction with handing out flyers to promote an event to avoid your team simply idly standing on street corners.
  • Competitions. You have an endless amount of options when it comes to competitions ranging from quizzes held on the street to contests online that your street team promote in person. The latter has the added benefit of driving prospects to your social media pages and most likely recommending your brand to their friends. The competition should be relevant to your business or include a product that you offer. Ideas include a photo competition, caption contest or short written passage.

Street teams use a very credible field marketing technique to create hype for your brand through interactions with prospects and by using viral word of mouth influence marketing. When groups of people are dressed in costume characters or handing out free items and samples, you cannot fail to grab the attention and interest of consumers.

How have you used a street team to market your brand? Did you try any unique promotions, and how successful were they?