The Must Ask Questions When Hiring Professional Brand Ambassadors

The Must Ask Questions When Hiring Professional Brand Ambassadors

A brand ambassador is someone who represents your company in a very direct way. That person’s face and name is something that will become associated with your company and your brand. Selecting one or more brand ambassadors is something you need to think about carefully and take time in finding the right individual.

When looking for a brand ambassador, it is important to look for someone who visually represents your brand. However, it is even more important that this person is a good fit for your company’s style and reputation. The time you put up front in interviewing and vetting potential candidates will pay off in the end.

Here are the must ask questions you need to use when hiring professional brand ambassadors:

  1. Do you have prior experience representing a product or brand? This question has two purposes. First, you want to know if this person has previous experience. That person’s resume may give this information, but you want to get their impression of those jobs. The second purpose is to see if they approach this job seriously or if it is just another gig.
  2. What companies have you worked for in the past as a brand or product ambassador? You need to see how wide this person’s experience is. However, more importantly, you want to know if this person has ever been an ambassador for a competitor. If you choose a brand ambassador who already has a link to a competing company, it might cause some confusion for your customers.
  3. Do you have any marketing experience or training? Being a brand ambassador means being a marketing representative for your company. You do not need a highly experienced person. However, you need someone who understands how to market your brand. This can happen with good training. But, knowing their experience allows you to judge how much prep time you will need to spend.
  4. How do you view the job of being a brand ambassador? This is a serious question that you need a serious answer to. If the person you are interviewing does not view this job as being an important part of your company and its image, you need to find someone else to do the job. Being one of your brand ambassadors requires a serious mind set, an embrace of your company and its brand, and knowledge of how to be the best representative possible.
  5. Do you have an active social media or online presence? You want to check out two things with this question. You need a brand ambassador that understand social media and how it integrates with a marketing effort. You also want the chance to see what your social ambassador does on social media, on their blog, and on their own website. This person may become your public face. If that person has anything embarrassing that you can find, you need to find someone else for the job. Their public persona will become yours.
  6. What do you know about our company and its products? The purpose of this question is not to find the perfect person who adores your products. The purpose is to see if this person has any knowledge or impressions of your company, good or bad. If the person is unfamiliar, you can train them. If they have too many misconceptions or just do not like your company, you need a better candidate. This person is going to be your company’s public face. They need to embrace your brand.

These questions will give you a good vision of who this person is, how they will represent your company, and if they will be a good fit with your customers. You need more than a pretty face. You want someone who can be a positive face and force for your company and its brand. You need someone who can market your brand in person and online. Choose your brand ambassadors with care and you will see the results.