The Best 4 Ways To Use Street Team Marketing

The Best 4 Ways To Use Street Team Marketing

Do you have visions of a great opening day for your business? What do you want to happen on the day of your new product release? Are you planning a big outdoor advertising blitz? Do you have a concert or live event coming up?

Street team marketing is a great way to generate buzz. Hiring brand ambassadors and event models and talent can extend your brand and allow your brand to target a certain area with promotional items. Working with the right agency means you can have more than one team on the streets and orchestrate teams in several cities on the same day or during a promotional period.

Here are four of the best ways to use street team marketing:

1: Business Openings
The opening of any business is the best time to drum up interest. Street teams and event models can target areas where your ideal customer normally visits. A busy intersection, a busy mall, or a local gathering spot are just a few places where a street team can strike. They can hand out promotional materials for your new business. They can hand out flyers containing coupons and opening day discounts. Street teams are proven to generate store traffic.

2: Product Releases
Street teams are an extension of your product and are a great way to promote a new product release whether it’s a new flavor of chips or a new soda. Street teams should wear apparel with the product and brand prominently displayed. As they hand out flyers, they should highlight the product benefits. On the actual day of the release, street teams can direct consumers to a demonstration area and help with customer engagement.

3: Outdoor Advertising Campaign Kick-offs
If you have invested a major part of your marketing budget into an outdoor advertising campaign, street team marketing is the perfect way to promote these kick-offs. The street teams can hand out flyers to bring people to the kick-off event and mingle with the crowd and keep the excitement level up. After the kick-off, street teams can help keep the energy levels high.

4: Event Promotions
Concerts and other live events need a crowd to make them successful. Street teams and event models and talent can do just that. The street teams can create energy and excitement and give out flyers on the upcoming event and they can direct people to where to buy tickets. They can act as a cheering section at the start and keep the excitement levels up during the event. They can put up posters and pass out promotional materials of all sorts.

If you have a big event coming up soon that you want people to know about, bring in the street teams. They can help you promote your business and increase brand awareness, or help promote a live event with a professional event staff and models. How can you use a street team in your next event? For more information, contact CMT Agency