Know When to Hire Brand Ambassadors

Know When to Hire Brand Ambassadors

If you’re familiar with basketball you probably know who Jamal Crawford is. If not, Jamal Crawfard is a guard for the Los Angeles Clippers. This year, for the second time, he was named the NBA’s Sixth Man of the Year; the award given annually to the best player in the league who is not one of his team’s five starters. Crawford has flourished in his role coming off the bench for a few years now. He’s instant offense and nightly torches the other team’s second unit. But, after coming out of Michigan in 2000, Crawford was looked at as a guy who might not make it. He was a starter for the Bulls and Knicks and, though he would have huge games, his teams never made the leap they thought they should with Jamal and he ended up playing for 5 teams in 12 seasons before finally sticking with the Clippers. The reason he stuck? The team figured out how to use him in the correct scenarios. With his offensive prowess he can carry a team for stretches at a time and playing with the second unit takes much of the pressure off him defensively where he’s never quite fit the NBA mold of a perimeter defender.

Knowing when and where to put your talent on display is a big part of being successful. Brands can have great brand ambassadors, but if they don’t know when to deploy them they miss the boat on some great opportunities.

What are some ideal situations for using brand ambassadors?

When you’re a smaller business competing with larger companies and brands

This is where you can grab attention for yourself, be it at a tradeshow or a promotion. Everyone is fighting for attention, vying for the most eyes on your brand as possible. If you don’t already have the large brand identity as some of the bigger names, the use of brand ambassadors is key. They can interact, be eye candy and also spread knowledge of your brand through face to face interactions; the type of interactions that make a lasting impression. 

In a new city

If you’re on the road, away from your own stomping grounds, brand ambassadors may be a great way to get new eyes on you in a new city. A great staffing agency should have a full roster of talent throughout the country, if not the globe, and will have brand ambassadors ready to put your brand on display. It’s cheaper than all the costs associated with travel and has the added benefit of talent that will be more at home with the new potential brand advocates. 

When you need some excitement

It’s a way of thinking differently. Everyone can make a Facebook post or Tweet something super positive from your brand’s account, but is that going to be attention-grabbing enough? Make it fun; hire brand ambassadors that can do an acapella performance in a bar or a dunking tank with an attractive promo model. Anything to spark some life back into your brand. 

Whenever you think the time is right to hire brand ambassadors, CMT Agency is ready to help with a deep roster of talented brand ambassadors anywhere you need them.