Eye Candy Girls: Help Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Eye Candy Girls: Help Grab Your Audience’s Attention

Trade shows, very much like the Las Vegas Trade Show Models, are one of the best ways for any business to promote their brand to a specific target audience – when the right strategy is used. Using a professional agency to help you hire the right talent to attract and engage event attendees, will allow your booth or table to stand out in a sea of competitors. It is because of this that savvy trade show exhibitors typically choose to employ several eye candy girls to help make their event a success. These promotional models draw interest to a brand’s booth and amp up your prospective customers’ engagement with your brand. Here’s a look at several ways that you can use eye candy girls to attract an audience to your trade show table.

Product Demonstrations

Contrary to what you may believe, eye candy girls are more than just a pretty face. Each of our highly talented promo models are trained to professionally represent your brand. Ambassadors that you choose to work with should be bright and fast learners who are capable of understanding your product and demonstrating it to your target audience. Trade show attendees are interested in learning about the latest and greatest products within a specific industry, but they do not want to feel pressured to buy from a salesperson. Because of this, the majority of your audience will be more interested in a product demonstration from eye candy girls as opposed to by one of your sales representatives. Not only are these ladies nice to look at, but they are often more approachable. In this way, your girls will be able to educate your prospective clients about your brand, generate legitimate leads, and pass off only serious buyers to your sales force.


Giveaways are a win-win. Your prospective customers receive some free stuff, and you get to put your name out there. Unfortunately, if you and your team need to stay at the booth, you won’t have much of a chance to distribute your giveaway items. Eye candy girls are great for passing out promotional items for several reasons. First, trade show attendees will immediately gravitate towards the fun and outgoing models, making it faster and easier to hand out the freebies to a large volume of people. Plus, eye candy girls can use the powers of charm and persuasion to direct attendees to your booth and talk up your product.


There are few things more frustrating than a language barrier. Even if a member of your target audience wants more information about your brand, he or she is unable to do so if you do not share a common language. This is an even bigger problem if you are traveling outside of the country. Around the globe we have eye candy girls who are multi-lingual and can bridge the cultural gap. Hiring a brand ambassador who can communicate your message with ease and charm will leave a strong impression. Thus, your brand and product offerings will be clearly and accurately represented in any language.

Crowd Gathering

Have you ever noticed that outsiders always tend to gravitate toward wherever a large crowd has gathered? It’s human nature. So how do you get that big crowd in front of your booth? Eye candy girls are specifically trained to gather and entertain crowds to get you the most exposure. This can be done through holding contests, fun presentations, giving away prizes to guests who answer trivia questions, and more. You can even hire celebrity look-alike models that can draw in guests to pose for photos. You’ll quickly become the booth that everyone is talking about around the trade show floor.

Don’t become lost in the shuffle at your next event. By working with an agency that can provide eye candy girls, you’ll create a lot more buzz, reach more prospective customers, and ensure a successful event.