Top 5 Tips for Hiring Event Staffing Agency Models for Your Event

Top 5 Tips for Hiring Event Staffing Agency Models for Your Event

Hiring models as brand ambassadors from highly-experienced event staffing agencies can be one of the best investments you can make for your promotional events. Trained model-presenters can significantly enhance both the appeal and the quality of your live events and brand awareness. They create highly memorable visitor experiences, increasing both visitation and post-show interest in your company.

The key is to hire the right brand ambassador for the job. When you partner with global-level event staffing agencies like CMT Agency, you have a lot of options with models. Choosing those who with right fit for your brand and your event goals will help drive superior returns on your investment.

Five Key Factors for Choosing the Right Models for Your Event

1.Level of involvement

How much interaction will your model be called upon to do as part of the event? Will they simply be passing out brochures and acting as greeters, or will they be truly representing your brand? If it’s the latter, you will want a more experienced model who’s accustomed to customer/client interactions.

2. Industry experience

Many models specialize in working certain industries, specifically so they can demonstrate high competence with both the products and customer interactions. It’s often worth seeking out models with direct experience in your field, particularly if it’s a highly-technical area.

3. Interviews

It’s important to always interview your models personally, even if it is via Skype or similar long-distance means, to ensure they are the right fit for your brand. This is also your opportunity to evaluate their level of experience.

4. Training

For the best results, a model should be trained on your brand and product prior to the show. Many top event staffing agencies handle this as part of their services, but they will still need to work with you or others in your organization to obtain appropriate training materials.

5. Agency Experience

Finally, consider the agency itself. The leading agencies have experience in a wide variety of industries and disciplines, and likewise have a roster of models and staff who also have experience in those fields. That’s why it’s best to pick a dedicated event staffing agency, not a local modeling agency, specifically to ensure you get brand ambassadors who are qualified for the job.

With a roster of over 35,000 models in 52 countries, CMT Agency can promote your brand anywhere. Contact us today for a consultation.