The Best Way to Utilize Brand Ambassadors

The Best Way to Utilize Brand Ambassadors

The Los Angeles Lakers are obviously one of the most successful franchises in the history of sport. Since their inception, when they were the Minneapolis Lakers, the organization has reach the pinnacle of basketball 16 times placing 16 championship banners that hang from the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. The common bond between those 16 championships is that each team used its talent in the right way, and had pieces that fit together perfectly. In 2012 the Lakers tried to buy their way to a 17th championship by adding NBA superstars Dwight Howard and Steve Nash to a roster that already included Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol. It was a disaster. The pieces didn’t fit. Because of the way Kobe Bryant played, they weren’t able to use Nash in the right way to get the most out of his talent. The same for Pau who had to take a lesser role down low with Howard coming on board. On paper this team should have been a favorite to win it all; in reality they barely made the playoffs. The lesson? Know the best ways to use your talent.

Bringing on brand ambassadors is a great way to add more talent to your roster. But, like the Lakers, if you don’t know how to be utilize your talent, it’s a waste.

Put them in the right setting

If your event is out in the open or it’s an event where you need to pull in the public in, that’s where you need to institute brand ambassadors. Their talents will allow them to do things your every day staff can’t. They can mix and mingle with the crowds while simulationsuly expelling talking points about your brand because they have the innate ability to be professionally versed in what your brand is all about in a short amount of time.

Give them the opportunity to succeed

If you haven’t done your research and homework, and brand ambassador can only do so much. Working with an agency can help with this. As a team you can figure out the best events that fit your brand, whether it be at a tradeshow, liquor promotion or another type of event. Then, they can find the talent within their roster that will best succeed. But, this can only happen after you’ve got all your ducks in a row. Know the venue, know what you’re trying to get across and have everything as top notch as possible before the brand ambassadors even get there.

CMT Agency is fully equipped to make sure the talent is working together the way it should. We know our roster and once we get to know your brand, can give help you build the team needed to win.