3 Reasons To Employ Global Staffing

3 Reasons To Employ Global Staffing

Would your business benefit from being able to showcase your products and services around the country or on the other side of the globe? Although most companies would love to be able to travel to trade shows, conventions, and other events, they simply do not feel that they are able to do so. For the most part, this is because these businesses simply do not have the resources to pay multiple members of their sales team and other staff for their time and travel expenses. This is where global staffing comes in. By hiring a local, temporary staff member, you can enjoy higher levels of success wherever you go for a fraction of the cost. Here are three things that global staffing can do for you.

Provide a more professional look

You could make the decision to attend your next industry event alone, or to just send one of your employees, but how would that make you look? If one person is trying to greet guests, attract attention, give presentations, answer questions, and close sales, your company will appear unprofessional. Your prospective clients will either think that you are too small of a business to handle their needs, or that your business is not doing very well financially since you could only afford to bring one agent to the event. Global staffing is the answer to this problem. A qualified event staffing agency will be able to help you to fill the “positions” that you need to have by your side, and your customers will never know that they are not your permanent employees. Whether you need someone to generate leads, to draw in a crowd, to demonstrate your product, or to simply answer questions, your global staffing service will find the perfect match for you. Each representative is intelligent and sharp so that they can quickly learn to perfectly fill the shoes of your sales team.

Attract more interest

In addition to filling in for business staffing needs, many of the talented representatives from your global staffing agency have had experience in product/service promotions and in acting as brand ambassadors. Because of this, your temporary staff members have excellent communication skills and are able to connect with your audience in a way that you never dreamed possible.

These talented individuals are skilled in the fine art of generating interest for your business and obtaining valuable, legitimate sales leads. This is because they understand how to best relate to your customers, read verbal and nonverbal cues, and how to present information about your products or services in such a way that it is both easy to understand and highly appealing. You may even learn a thing or two to take back and share with your permanent sales team.

Allow you to save money

The biggest problem for businesses with regards to travel is the money involved. In addition to paying for each of your traveling staff to fly to the destination of your event, you will be required to pay for their stay in a hotel, and in some cases will need to pay for their meals and a per diem rate as compensation for their time away from home. With each employee that you need to be present at the industry trade show or event, the cost to you will increase exponentially, and this can quickly add up to major out-of-pocket expenses. By working with a global staffing agency, however, you can scale these costs way back. Because the temporary event staff members that you employ actually live in the area of your event, you will not have to pay for anything except for their daily service rates. Ultimately, this can result in a savings of hundreds (and in some cases, thousands) of dollars.

Don’t miss out on your next industry event because you don’t feel you have the means to attend. Let our global staffing agency help you to thrive.