3 Events Where You Should Use Liquor Promotions

3 Events Where You Should Use Liquor Promotions

Whether you are looking for ways to improve your sales at your bar, restaurant, or store, or if you are simply trying to raise brand awareness for your product, professional liquor promotions can do wonders for business. The key to a successful campaign, however, can largely be attributed to how, when, and where you go about promoting your product. So what are the best times and places for liquor promotions? And how should you go about executing them? Here we will take a look at what a successful marketing campaign entails, and three events where liquor promotions are especially effective.

What are liquor promotions and how should they be handled?

Liquor promotions can either occur on premise (inside a restaurant, bar, nightclub, etc.) or can take place off premise (at liquor stores, at events, etc.) and are used to help encourage sales and to promote specific brands. Successful campaigns make use of  professional promotional models who are able to attract the interest of the targeted audience and introduce them to the product. A typical formula for a liquor promotion will include the following:

  • Points of sale displays  (ie: banners and posters)
  • Free samples – Who wouldn’t want a free taste of a drink from an attractive young lady? This gives your target audience a feel-good attitude toward your product and opens the door for promotional models to talk it up.
  • Discounted pricing – Special discounts for the liquor throughout the length of the promotion will encourage immediate sales.
  • Giveaways – Freebies like branded bottle openers, keychains, t-shirts, etc. not only attract consumer interest, but it also gives the promo models an added excuse to
    discuss the product.
  • Pictures – Everyone loves to see themselves on Facebook, and by encouraging your guests to pose with the models and tag themselves later, you’ll get more free
    advertising for your brand.

When and where should liquor promotions take place?

A liquor promotion can take place just about anywhere, but here are three examples of events where you should definitely take advantage and market your product:

1. Car Shows

In general, the targeted audience for liquor promotions are males, and because the majority of car show enthusiasts are males, you’ll enjoy a high success rate. For large-scale car shows, you may consider setting up a booth or display table for your product and let the models lead your customers to the liquor. Grocery stores, restaurants, liquor stores, and bars also have the option of inviting a local auto club to host a car show in their parking lot. This enables you to encourage the sale of a particular product not only to car enthusiasts, but also to every person patronizing the business.

2. Concerts

Bars and nightclubs that feature regular concerts would be well served by liquor promotions. Because attendees will be in high spirits and in “party mode”, they will be more willing to try a sample of your product and then make a purchase. As an added bonus, those patrons who are attending the concert are also highly likely to take photos of the event themselves and upload them to Facebook, Twitter, and other social media. If these photos feature guests drinking your product, with branded giveaway items, or with a promotional model, you’ll get free advertising.

3. Grand Openings

Is your facility getting ready to open its doors to the public? Now is the time to start promoting! Liquor promotions are a lot of fun for guests, and will give your new patrons a positive impression of your brand. Whether you’re trying to draw in new customers or attempting to promote an in-house brewed beer, a professional liquor promotion will help ensure that you get started off on the right foot.

Leave nothing to change and no room for missed opportunities. Liquor promotions will help you to cover all of your bases and bring new customers directly to you.