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Bar Promotions – When Is The Right Time To Do It?

| May 6, 2018

Nightclubs and bars need to keep new patrons coming through the door to succeed and thrive. Many neighborhood bars love the fact they have regular visitors. That is fantastic for building a solid set of clients. But, it is important for even the neighborhood bar to get new people through the doors. A higher number of regular clients mean more profits for the bar. And that is the goal of every smart business owner.

So, when is the right time to do bar promotions?

Many bars think that fliers and happy hours are all the bar promotions needed to get new people into the establishment. However, happy hours are so common they do not have as much impact as they had many years ago. Bar clients want something different when looking at new places to hang out. Timing these promotions and making the right choices makes all the differences.

  • Opening Event – When opening a bar or nightclub, it is the absolute best time to do a bar promotion event. You want to show potential customers what you have to offer. Offering discounts, live music, and coupons for future visits is the way to get the opening off right and to build the possibility of future visits. Bringing in extra bartenders, servers, and any other event staff will help this type of event go smoothly.
  • Change in Management – When a nightclub or bar gets new management, it is a time to refresh and renew the establishment. Doing a bar or liquor promotion gives the chance to bring in new customers to see the changes made. It allows older customers to see that things are still going great. To put the right pieces in place, extra staff can help keep the crowd happy and the event going smoothly.
  • Certain Holidays – What are the biggest drinking days in your establishment? St. Patrick’s Day and Cinco de Mayo may come to mind immediately. Many towns have their own special days for gathering in bars and nightclubs. Those are the days to bring in new customers. Create a bar promotion to entice new clients through the doors. Have extra staff on hand to handle the crowd overflow.
  • Special Events – Do you have a stage? Can you entice a local band to come play? Bringing in a popular band is a great way to bring new people through your door. Other events to hold include an open mike night or a comedy night. All of these offer ways to bring people out and to showcase what you have to offer. You can bring on extra staff to make sure the event is perfect.

These are just a few times when doing a bar promotion is a great idea. There are the everyday type of promotions and the bigger events that draw the larger crowds. Bring on extra staff when needed to make your promotions rock.

Have a Bar Promotion Strategy

Ideally, you need to put together a strategy for your bar promotions. With a carefully designed plan, you can promote your bar or nightclub to new people as a part of doing business. Your establishment needs new faces to keep the profits rolling in.

When you have a plan, you need a staffing company behind you to make your promotions extra special. When you are doing a blowout event, you need a stellar company behind it so you can get extra staff. You can use promotional models, extra bartenders, trained wait staff, emcees, audio engineers, and video production people in all sorts of ways. Get an agency to make your next promotion rock.