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Are You Ready to be an Entrepreneur?

| November 9, 2018

CMT Agency Brand Ambassadors

We all have the goal of one day working for ourselves. Showing up when we want, working from home if we want; it’s the dream to have that flexible lifestyle. Entrepreneurs are like modern day cowboys; they answer to no one when it comes to running their business. When you think of an entrepreneur, you might first think of someone like a small coffee shop owner or a woman who’s opened her own fashion boutique. But, if you are an actor, a brand ambassador or a model, you are an entrepreneur.

Weird to think about, right? Maybe not.

You are your own boss. You decide on making the moves needed for your success. Just like a small business owner has to rely on banks for loans and customers for profit, you rely on agents to help facilitate your career. But, when it comes down to it, you are in charge of how your career plays out. You are your own business. If it’s a business you really want to be in, you have to treat it as a business.


As mentioned, small business loans are a must for entrepreneurs looking to do their own thing. You have to have backing to start your career, too. Most people do this by supplementing their income with a part time job. For an actor or model this part time job should be flexible enough to allow you the time needed to hone your craft, as well as the ability to make it to auditions. Some actors are even able to treat modeling as a part time job in order to chase acting.


If no one hears about a business, does it really make a sound? Small businesses have to have a good marketing plan to be successful. So do you. Your headshots have to be the best representation of your appearance. Your demo reel has to be the best representation of your skills. Your resume has to be the best representation of your experience. You have to perfect your craft through study, classes, perfecting your runway walk, etc… If you’re not presenting you in the light you should be presented in, your business will flounder.


Though you are your own boss, you can’t do it alone. Agents must help you facilitate auditions and jobs. Photographers have to help you capture your best looks. Producers, casting directors, etc…, you have to have good working relationships with the people in your field in order to have your business flourish.

At CMT Agency we work with our talent to make sure they are running their business as smoothly as possible.