Are You Ready for CES 2020?

| October 2, 2019

CES may seem like it’s far away, but January 7th will be here before you know it. As one of the largest and most anticipated events of the year, making sure that you have the right talent to bring your plan to life is likely your number one priority.

While your event goals will largely dictate the type of talent you hire, you should at least hire booth staffers, lead generators, and product demonstrators for best results. Here’s why.

Booth Staffers 

Booth staffers can range from hosts to crowd gatherers. No matter what role they play, they’re extremely important for your event’s success. They’re the ones that will kick off the sales process by generating brand awareness through engaging conversations.

To make your booth staffers more effective, you’ll want to train them in advance so that they can become an extension of your team. A good tactic to try is strategically placing them in special areas of interest on the trade show floor who can drive traffic back to your booth. Make sure to arm them with promotional information so that they can continue nurturing leads before arriving at your booth.  

Lead Generators 

These are the folks who know your business inside and out. Lead generators are great at pitching your product and services to prospects, and they also make sure to capture lead information to send back to your inside sales team for post-event follow-up and nurture. When hiring for this talent group, make sure that you hire an experienced professional. Why? Because they’re more likely to accurately qualify a lead before sending it to your sales team versus a lead generator with no experience.

Product Demonstrators  

Like lead generators, product demonstrators also have a deep understanding of your product and services. In fact, they have to if they’re going to be effective at leading product trials and demos. Product demonstrators are arguably the most important group to hire as part of your

CES 2020 show, as their interaction will be the determining factor that moves a lead from the top of the sales funnel to a true opportunity.

Like booth staffers, you want to train your product demonstrators in advance. By training them in advance, they will be more effective at providing a seamless and consistent brand experience to your tradeshow guests.

While you can hire more than one talent type for your CES 2020, these 3 roles are key for the event. If you think about it, you can easily map them to the sales funnel, which is why they will make your event strategy more effective. For example, booth staffers are the one who push leads to the top of the funnel, lead generators further nurture potential leads and qualify them, and product demonstrators push leads to the bottom of the funnel with product trials and demo offers.

As you go about planning for CES 2020, think about how you can use local talent to cut down on travel expenses. You’ll also want to start booking talent now. Hiring at a closer date to the event will increase costs and make it harder for you to find available and quality talent for your event. 

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