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How to Approach Hiring the Right Trade Show Models

| May 19, 2017

Trade Show Models

There are few great ways to add appeal, draw in visitors, and create true wow factor when hiring trade show models for your next special promotional event. Pretty faces – male or female – who are there to meet, mingle, and educate will turn your event into a truly special occasion, ensuring plenty of brand representation and engagement with all your guests.

Trade show models are not one-size-fits-all. At CMT Agency, we represent over 35,000 professional models, representing a wide variety of talent, knowledge, and expertise. The key to making your promotional event into something truly extraordinary is selecting the right talent to fit your specific needs and goals.

Here’s a few questions to consider to help ensure the right talent for your promotion.

Five Key Questions for Selecting the Right Trade Show Models

  1. What is the objective of your trade show event?Is your brand there to increase awareness? Drive sales? Network with VIPs? Give tours of your products/facilities? The better we understand the role of talent at your event allows us to more easily find the right talent for the job.
  2. How many models do you need?Will you just be using one or two models as greeters, while your own staff handles the visitor interactions? Do you need an entire team of smart brand ambassadors representing your brand at your booth? Understanding your needs will allow us to advise on the number of models for the event.
  3. Will specific skills or training be needed?If the models will be doing presentations or answering visitor questions, they’ll need extra training on your products and company beforehand. Be certain to budget time for this and have training materials ready.
  4. Will you need specific outfits or uniforms?Our talent can come dressed for your needs, from simple business-casual, to company uniforms you provide, to full costuming. Think about what look you would want your presenters to have.
  5. Are there special language requirements?Our models speak over a hundred languages between them. If you need bilingual or even polylingual representatives to ensure smooth communication with representatives from around the world, we can make it happen.  

CMT Agency Makes Trade Show Magic Happen

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