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An Event Staffing Agency Love Letter

| February 13, 2020

Love Letter

Dear YOU,


February is the month brands like you are hoping they’ve found their perfect event staffing agency match. At CMT, we know success at your next event can be determined by how well your event staffing agency caters to you and your brand’s needs. We can’t spotlight all of our good qualities, but here are some reasons we know we’re a great catch for you and your team.


We Hire Staff That Represents Your Brand’s Image

Event staffing agencies provide brands with human interaction and a knack for match-making. They should always have their finger on the pulse of who their best talent is, their experience, and how well they fit your brand’s style and image. 

We vet our talent and make sure they meet our standards before you even set up your criteria. Isn’t it refreshing to have experts that know what you want before you even ask? 

We’ll Choose Services That Cater to Your Specific Needs

Event staffing isn’t solely about pretty faces and a product. It’s an experience. This year at CES, we hosted the Panasonic booth and their main attraction, a game of ping-pong.

We put our talent to the test by assessing their ping-pong abilities. The ball is in your event staffing agency’s court to pick the people that can meet the booth or experience requirements. We embrace your big ideas and allow our talent to win your heart. 

We Hire Staff That Will Work As an Extension of Your Team

Our people pride themselves in knowing how to blend with your team. But hiring the perfect talent and pairing them to your events just scratches the surface of what an event staffing agency should do for you. 

As your agency, it’s our pleasure to make sure we stay on top of the communication between our talent and your staff. We understand that tackling the hectic details of throwing an event is a full-time job, so we join your team and fully immerse ourselves in making your event staffing tasks seamless.  

We Will Get the Logistics Right and Invest Enough Money

We value quality in every aspect of our services. To fully be there for you and your team, we use Senegal Software to gather the information you share about your event. We pay close attention to the details you want us to know and provide you with our expertise along the way. 

Through our in-house system, we create a talent dashboard based on your specifications. This makes it easy to select the talent you need for your event. You can even pay your talent and get feedback on how the event went directly within the system.

And once you become a repeat customer, we use historical data to send you accurate quotes for any future events. We’re an open book once you get to know us, and we’re easy to get to know. Just give us a call. 


With our talent, which ranges from adult beverage models to street teams, your target audience will be swooning and thinking only about you at your next event. Your extraordinary ideas are what make this line of work worth it.


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