Brand Activation

The Allure of Promotional Models

| July 20, 2017

“You’re right.  The 22 year old on stage is not actually a wizard. You figured it out.” That’s an excerpt from comedian Pete Holmes bit about magicians. I’m sure we can all admit to ourselves that we aren’t really witnessing someone perform mystical feats summoned via dark powers when we’re watching a guy in a cape saw a young co-ed in half. What we can agree on is that he is a master of illusion and sleight of hand; getting the audience to look one way while deceiving them with the other by placing beautiful models on stage. It’s a deception that plays into the magician building his own brand.

Using promotional models is also a great way to captivate an audience while grabbing their attention. Using promotional models at your events is a great way to leverage your brand with a charismatic, eye-catching face. Here are a few ways models help you achieve your tradeshow and event marketing goal.

Draw the public’s attention to your event

Let’s face it, deep down your audience is drawn to attractive people. If a beautiful model is at your booth wearing your brand’s colors and logo, it’s going to draw eyes in your direction. Use them to hand out fliers, demonstrate or hand out products and have them be the face of your brand in images from the events.

Collect data and promote your product

People will be more inclined to give up information like email addresses, phone numbers and other data if they’re giving that info to an attractive promotional model. A distinct and vast email database is key for growing your brand and promotional events are the best place to get them in a way that most closely associates with your brand. Promo models can also be the voice of your brand at these events. If you are a liquor brand, a promotional model walking around and hand out sample (where allowed), and speaking about the high points of your brand directly to the potential customers is a home run.

Create a good vibe around your brand

Studies show that using promotional models just puts the potential advocates in a good mood. This creates an atmosphere that leaves them more open to the sales pitch you’re trying to get into at your events. People, as a whole, are reluctant to sales pitches a majority of the time so the better the mood you can build at any given time is greatly beneficial to your brand.

At CMT Agency we have professional promotional models that can help give your brand the look it needs for any event. Contact us today!