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A Day in the Life of a Brand Ambassador

| September 26, 2018

CMT Agency Brand AmbassadorsCMT Agency Brand Ambassadors

I’ve talked a lot about how to be a great brand ambassador; things to do, things not to do. But, I have not talked about a day in the life of one.  What exactly does a day spent as a brand ambassador look and feel like?

It’s a fun and exciting job, sure, but it’s a job unlike most. Being a brand ambassador is not a 9-5 job sitting behind a desk. Being a brand ambassador is not like working at a clothing store. Being a brand ambassador is really a combination between acting, sales and 15 other jobs, all at the same time, rolled into one fast-paced, exciting opportunity. While the duties of a brand ambassador may change from assignment to assignment, the basic outline of what a brand ambassador goes through to get ready for an assignment is fairly similar.  Here’ s a look at what a day in a brand ambassador’s life may look like.

The Days Before: Before any assignment as a brand ambassador you will receive an email from your agency. This will contain a brief on the brand you’ll be promoting at the live event. This brief is key. Since brand ambassadors basically work a new job every time they are hired, they need to be able to pick up key facts about their brand in a short amount of time. These briefs are thorough and are bulleted to where you’ll be able to pick up talking points for your event. You’re there to promote the brand. In order to do this, you need to know about the brand. A simple fact, but one that’s taken for granted all to often. Again, this is a job, so take it seriously. A doctor wouldn’t go into surgery without knowing what type of surgery he or she’s performing. A C.E.O. wouldn’t give a presentation without knowing what the presentation is on. Doing your homework will take you a long way.

Early Morning: Wake up. Yes, this is something we all do, every day, so I guess it’s not the special. Of four se some brand ambassadors get to wake up later than many of us, but then there are some who wake long before us, depending on their assignment.

Mid-Day: Check-in with your agent. This is usually a good time to connect with your agent and make sure you have the right outfit and  you know the brand, in and out.  You can go over any last minute expectations and get any questions answered you might have before you go on assignment.

Before the Event: If needed, you’ll pick up supplied needed for the event. This could be shirts/wardrobe, things to hand out at the promotion (the sunglasses! All of the free sunglasses) and any tables and signage you may need. There are also times when these are set up for you and you just show up, or you gather these these days ahead, depending on everyones schedules.

Evening at the Event: Show up 15 minutes before hand. Always give yourself this extra time.  Traffic could be bad, the bus could be running late.  Whatever the excuse, you want to be sure not to have to use it.  Change your clocks so you are always early. Once one site, you’ll check-in by texting a picture of the site to your agent.  Send a selfie, too, if you want. Just let your agent know you are on site and ready to work. Then, it’s on you. Be vocal. Be professional. Be energetic. Most of all, have fun. This is a unique job where your mission is to talk to people about a brand that they’ll more than likely like. It’s not hard, but it takes a certain level of commitment and talent to pull off.

At CMT Agency our brand ambassadors look forward to promotions days and are prepared for any event. We provide the tools and the training to succeed.  If you have what it takes to be a brand ambassador, register with us today.