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A Change of Pace

| December 18, 2018

The Chicago Bulls hit a bit a lull after Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson all left the organization after their historic six championship run. The Bulls saw multiple coaches leave without much success. Vinny Del Negro signed on to be the head coach of the team in 2008 and led the Bulls back to the playoffs, posting 41 wins in each of his two seasons. As much as they were succeeding in small quantities and Del Negro had brought them back to relevance, they knew there was something more they needed to strive towards. When the defensive mastermind of the Boston Celtics, Tom Thibodeau became available, they cut ties with Vinny and went in another direction. Not because Vinny wasn’t succeeding, but because there was a better option. The result was the NBA’s best regular season record.

Sometimes you need to change things up just because. The worst reason to keep doing something a certain way is because you’ve always done it that way. Things can be going smoothly but that doesn’t mean that they can’t get better. If you’ve been handling your promotions the same way for years, it might be benefiting your brand… but there may be an even better way to handle your brand. One way would be to incorporate promotional models into your brand’s presence.

How can you benefit from using promotional models?

Improve booth attendance at trade shows

Promotional models can draw in what your booth may be missing: people. The more eyes on your booth, the better, obviously, and promotional models draw more attention than just bringing your employees. 

Showcasing products

Not only can they draw eyes to your booth, professional promotional models are trained and knowledgeable enough to showcase your product. The right brand reps can be an extension of your employees. 

Face to face communication

Part of the training is a promotional model’s ability to interact with the potential brand advocates. Spokesmen (and Spokeswomen): A promotional model can take the lead and carry the torch for you brand at an event. To add on to the face to face communications, they can be credible spokespeople for you brand with their background and training. 

Customer response

A promotional model will resonate with the consumer much longer than any other type of promotion you can use. That’s what you’re trying to do; make an impact. 

The right agency can pair you with the right promotional models and CMT Agency is fully rostered in order to help you with all your promotional needs.