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7 Areas Promo Models Can Help Make Your Next Event Successful

| May 29, 2018

CMT Agency Promo Models

Do you ever host live promotional events? Many companies do. The whole idea behind such events is to market your products and services effectively. For your events to be successful, you need to have a complete package, and promotional models need to be part of that package.

You may ask: Are promo models effective in making my event successful? The answer is a resounding yes. Models can help you create events that are effective and successful.

How do they do it?  Here are 7 ways that promo models can help make your next event successful:

  1. Demonstrate products – Customers love to see products in action. If you have a product which you can show, you have a marketing edge with live demos. You can use promotional models to do the demos for you. With a bit of training, the models can talk with your audience about the product as they show them. You are getting a pretty face and a knowledgeable person all in one package.
  2. Reveal aspects of new products – Highlighting certain features help you stand apart from your competition. A model is the perfect way to reveal the important aspects of the products. The model can showcase products with more excitement and glamor than most. You can give the model a script and have him or her hit the highlights while they are talking with customers face-to-face in the crowd or from the stage.
  3. Host your event – Do you have the staff in your company to properly handle hosting your live event? When people begin to arrive, you want staff on hand to greet them and direct them into the right places. People need to have time to talk face-to-face with visitors to promote the product/service/event and hand out marketing materials. You can use models to do some of the marketing work and free up your sales people for the hard selling.
  4. Draw traffic – Study after study shows that people are more receptive to marketing messages delivered by an attractive person. When you have promo models staffing your booth or your live event, you will get more traffic. People will come to see the attractive faces and be open to hearing your marketing message. You want more people at your event? Staff it with models.
  5. Drum up attendee interest – You may have people coming to your event by invitation. You may have them coming based on your advertising. Once you have them at your event, you want their interest level as high as possible. You can have the models moving around in the crowd, handing out marketing materials/samples, talking with people face-to-face and acting as brand ambassadors that will get people interested and listening.
  6. Keep event enthusiasm high – Once your event starts up, you can keep the excitement levels high with the help of promotional models. When they are in the crowd, they can cheer the event on. They can help on stage with various tasks. They can be the face that people get to meet for photos and meet and greets. These models will give your event the enthusiasm you want to see.
  7. Handle more customers than you could with your own staff – When you have only a few people staffing an event, the quality of the experience tends to suffer and that can lead to dissatisfied visitors. You need enough people on the floor to direct people, answer questions, and hand out promotional items. Visitors left to their own devices will be upset and more likely to leave. With plenty of promo models on the floor, you will not have that problem.

When you are planning your next event, bring in promo models and give your event the excitement and success you need.

If you don’t know where to start, let CMT Agency help. We can help you put together the team of models to make your event very memorable.

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