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5 Ways You’d Benefit from Using Promotional Models

| July 27, 2017

Are you thinking about adding promotional models to your live events and other marketing efforts? Many companies do not realize the value that using such models can have to their business. The perception of models is that they belong on auto show displays or handing out fliers at trade show booths. Actually, there are plenty of other ways promo models help businesses.

You might wonder if your business would benefit from using promotional models. The truth is many companies would benefit from getting help with promotional events. Many of these models are college graduates, quite articulate, and can help you make the best presentation for your company and its products or services. They can bring your marketing efforts to the next level.

Promo models can amp up live events and even act as spokespeople for a company. Here are five ways that your company would benefit from using promotional models:

  1. Attendance at your trade show booth is low.The last time you had a booth at a trade show, how many people visited your booth? How about that of your competition? If you want to bring people to your booth and give them something to remember, consider hiring models. They will attract attention, amp up the excitement levels, do demonstrations, and hand out promotional materials. You will increase traffic and create a memorable presence.
  2. You rely solely on employees to show your products. Are you paying to transport employees to out-of-state trade shows for demonstrations or other roles? You can save time and money by hiring local models to handle these demonstrations. While you may have to bring some employees with you, you can cut down that number and save money. Plus, you will garner more attention with attractive models than your 50-year-old sales guy.
  3. You are paying employees to be spokespeople for your brand. When it comes to a trade show or live event, you need a professional as the face for your company. A promotional model is a great choice. You, or the agency, can give the model the training and information needed to represent your brand. You can use your employees behind the scenes and make the best impression possible with your promotional model up front.
  4. You do not have anyone who can speak for your company and its products. Do you have someone who acts as the face for your company? If you started out as a single-person company, it was you. Now, it may be whoever you assign to the job. You can make the face of your company consistent and attractive with a promotional model. This option allows you to bring your marketing efforts together and present an attractive face to potential customers.
  5. You want better customer response to your marketing events.Live marketing events are a great place to promote your company, your brand, and your products. Have you surveyed the customers that came to your live events? If you did not get the best response, bring in promotional models. They can amp up your event, make people relax, and create an ideal environment for presenting your company at its best.

There are plenty of other situations where your company would benefit from promotional help. Your events and your promotions will go to another level with the help of experienced models who know your company and what you offer.

The best way to figure out whether your company would benefit is to talk with CMT Agency. We can tell you about how other companies have successfully used these models in different ways. They can offer tips on how to use them most effectively. It all starts with a phone call.

Are you ready for success with promotional models?

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