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5 Signs You Need Experienced Servers

| January 2, 2019

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Hiring a team of experienced servers will allow you to focus more on the important aspects of your event and to enjoy the evening with your guests. By outsourcing a team only when you need the event staff, you will only pay for the hours the team works allowing you to save money while receiving a professional job.

If you are not sure whether or not you need experienced servers, look out for the following signs.

1. Attendees are your events are complaining about the service

Perhaps the beverages are not chilled properly, the tables and bar area is not kept sufficiently clean and tidy, or the guests are otherwise not being adequately cared for. Whatever the problem, if attendees are complaining, this is a very bad indication for your business. When an event is not remembered favorably, the entire purpose of it being held in the first place has been defeated.

Customers will not keep their bad experience to themselves — by spreading the word about the disappointment of your event, you will lose even more clients than simply the attendees. However, should the event be successful, guests will likely recommend your company to their friends, further increasing your prospects.

2. The servers are unsure about their duties

Servers who have only limited experience in working at events may not be sure what is expected of them and will constantly need to seek out advice and instructions from a manager, or maybe even from you.

In contrast to the above, experienced workers will not exactly what they are doing and will have encountered all of the most common issues that are likely to arise. This means that even any problems will handled quickly and efficiently.

3. You are constantly employing new workers

Those who are just gaining new skills and experience are often less loyal to their company. Every time a member of staff leaves to seek out new employment, you must restart the recruitment process, which is costly and time consuming. In addition, you may even have to lay off inexperienced workers for poor behavior or bad work ethic.

Professional servers are more likely to remain in their position for a long period of time, either because they are looking to plan their life around their job, or because they are hoping to reach a more senior position in the near future.

4. You are wasting large amounts of money on training workers

Ideally, you would like new members of staff to be able to start immediately with no training. Unfortunately, this does not happen when you employ workers who have no experience in the hospitality industry. This costs you time, money and resources that you may not be able to afford, all of which are increased if you are constantly employing new servers.

In most cases, professional servers will require little or no training. They will be able to work on their own initiative without guidance from their very first day. Additionally, these workers will often have greater motivation to do their job well.

5. You do not have enough time to focus on the business aspect of the event

During an event, you should be entirely focused on interacting with your guests and forming connections with new prospects. Your valuable business expertise cannot be replaced whereas serving staff can be easily employed by any reputable event staffing agencies. If you find yourself helping out with menial tasks or worrying about catering, maybe you should be looking for some new, more experienced staff members.

How has hiring experienced servers improved your events and the perception of your brand?