Brand Activation

4 Ways To Be A Great Brand Ambassador

| September 5, 2018

“One of the most important things in life is showing up. I’m blown away by your ability to show up.” These are the immortal words of the legendary Keanu Reeves in the Oscar-overlooked cinema classic “Hardball.”

Seeped in cheesiness, there is a truth hidden in those words. There’s a power in being present. Not only being present in the physical sense, but being present in all aspects of a given task. Being a great brand ambassador takes a level of dedication that is required to push a brand into that next level. To just go through the motions won’t get it done. A great brand ambassador is able to harness what the brand is about, in a short amount of time, and carry that brand’s torch into the public, putting it in the best light possible. It takes a certain type of talent and effort to accomplish a brand’s goals.

Anyone can say that they are a brand ambassador, but the great ones stand out.  The great ones do more; be more.  Here is how you can be a great brand ambassador:

Show Up

Alluded to earlier, this one feels like it should be a given. But, all too often, talent hired for a promotion think of it as optional and fail to follow through. Your word is important, especially in this industry. If you can’t be taken at your word then you can’t be entrusted with a brand’s identity. Just show up. Presence is vital when you only have a few hours to get across what a brand is all about. With a concentrated audience, time is of the essence. Be there.

Know The Brand

Doing your homework is critical. All it takes is a little bit of time to immerse yourself in the brand you’re representing. How can you be a great ambassador for a brand if you don’t know anything about the brand? Being knowledgable about the brand you’re representing is the only way you’ll be able to convey that brand to potential advocates of the brand. People at promos are going to have questions; you should have answers.

Be Enthusiastic

If you’re excited about the brand, it’s going to show. If it shows, other people are going more likely to be excited about the brand. Why would a potential customer, a potential brand advocate get excited if the people who are there to get them exited aren’t even excited themselves? You are paid to WOW the crowd and be approachable.  To make that happen you need to be very enthusiastic about the event and the brand.

Be Professional

Leave your baggage at home.  Turn off your cell phone.  Focus on the brand.  Focus on the crowd. If you are not acting and conducting yourself in a professional manor at all times, it’s going to reflect very poorly on the brand. Be a professional, because that is what you are. That’s what you’re paid to be. That’s what you’re expected to be.

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