Brand Activation

4 Ways Promotional Models Can Boost Your Brand Name

| May 16, 2017

promotional models

Promotional models are a given at most trade shows. You will also see them at marketing events and product introductions. They add something extra to any live event. You can use them in your live marketing events. If you want to give your company a personal face, you need to think about how to use a promotional model to boost your brand name. You can use them one time or make them a regular part of your company and its promotions.

Your brand is your company in one package. Holding live events are great opportunities to make your brand personal to potential customers. Having models at your events will help emphasize your brand with visitors. Give your company the boost it deserves with live models.

Here are four ways you can use promotional models to boost your brand name:

1. Draw the public’s attention to your event

An attractive model will always catch the public’s eye. People are naturally drawn to attractive people. When an attractive person is upfront promoting your company and its brand, you reap the benefits of that attention. You can use a promotional model at any event to draw public attention. That person can hand out fliers to people passing by your product introduction. He or she can help demonstrate how your products work. That model can provide the public face for your ads and press releases. Models also provide a bit of glamor to your event. A bit of glitz adds a touch of elegance that will elevate any live event.

2. Help establish your brand

Dressing your models in something with your logo is a natural marketing strategy. You want the attractiveness of the model to draw the public’s attention. When you have that attention, your logo is up front and center so the public can see it. Associating an attractive model with your logo is a great way to establish a positive image of your brand. Apparel with your logo offers an easy way to get people to pay attention and remember your company and its logo.

3. Collect data and promote your product

You can use a promotional model to collect data during your public events. That model can  ask consumers key questions and keep track of that information. He or she can promote your product by doing demonstrations and sales pitches to the public. People are much more likely to buy something a pretty model demonstrates than something sitting on a shelf.

4. Create a responsive mood for your sales pitch

Marketing studies show that people are more receptive to sales pitches when models are in  the mix. They distract the people attending and put them in a better mood. When you add a sales pitch to this elevated mood, people are more responsive to it. If you are doing a product introduction, people will be more likely to buy the product.

These are only four of the many ways promotional models can help your company and its brand. When you are getting ready for any live events, bring in the models and see how much they will add to your company’s image. Many companies do not realize the value of such representation until they try it the first time. With higher sales and better attendance, the value of these models shows itself quite readily. Give it a try and see what happens at your next event.