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4 Tips for Managing the Madness of Planning Events

| March 2, 2020


March Madness isn’t solely for basketball fanatics. CMT Agency and sports fans know that this is an extremely busy season for big events across the country. Your next event should be seamless and aligned with your game plan. We are an event planning All-Star team and we have compiled some tips to help your team tackle the “March Madness” of event planning and come out a winner.

1. Know Your Plays

Go over the game plan before the big day to reduce your team’s anxiety levels. Figuring out who’s doing what will minimize your stress, making the workload easier. Make sure all of your players pay close attention to the playbook. Or should we say event plans? Every detail that goes into event planning plays a large role in how you and your brand are perceived, during and after showtime. The hustle and bustle of the day leave no room for mistakes. Minimize avoidable mishaps by walking through your event plan with the team. Ironing out the details of each role is essential to ensuring the talent and staff know what position to play all season long.

2. Keep a Scoreboard

This will help you determine who your star players are. Knowing these players ensures that you will align the right staff/talent with the right brand every time. When you are a CMT Agency client you can rest assured that our talented brand ambassadors are the best fit to interact with the audience and represent your brand accordingly.

Another important metric to pay close attention to is audience feedback. We collect detailed event data to ensure our brand ambassadors fulfill your expectations. with the surveys and data, we collect from your visitors and our talent, clients are able to see the big picture of how well the event went and what needs improvement. We even calculate your ROI with our trusted event staffing software, Senegal Software.

Being #1 isn’t easy but using the right tools to keep score helps us maintain our All-Star status.

3. Don’t Be A Ball Hog

Everyone on the team has something to add to every game plan. Not giving your team the chance to add to your efforts will shut out valuable ideas and stifle your team’s innovation. To combat this, focus on being a team player. Your team knows what they’re doing and the goal is to put you in the right position to make the shot.

In the great words of Kobe Bryant, “I’ll do whatever it takes to win games, whether it’s sitting on a bench waving a towel, handing a cup of water to a teammate, or hitting the game-winning shot.”

The best part about being a team player is the ease of the game. Tackling a million tasks before the event isn’t the smartest idea. Disseminate the work evenly among your team members, according to their strengths and interests. No matter if you’re the star of the operation or the team’s support, be like Kobe.

4. Mind the Shot Clock

When the shot clock is ticking, open communication and transparency are going to give you the assistance you need. Dwindling time causes people to make irrational decisions.

We make time to follow up with our clients, secure the right talent, and double-check logistics, all while making it look easy. We show up at the event venue 24 hours in advance and map out where talent will go. It’s also helpful to check all of your equipment. We’re only as good as our presentation so keep an eye out for faulty swag and damaged items. Your team will thank you.

We can keep you on track. Want to see how? Here’s our case study on how we helped T-Mobile with their NBA Playoffs Promotions.