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4 Tips For Hiring Car Show Girls

| April 10, 2018

CMT Agency Auto Show GirlsCMT Agency Auto Show Girls

Hiring beautiful and talented car show girls is one of the best decisions you can make – when you know how to use them. If given the opportunity to shine, auto show girls are able to attract customers, keep them engaged, and encourage a higher amount of legitimate leads and sales. So how can you get the most benefit out of the ladies promoting your brand? By adhering to these four tips, you will find that you enjoy a much higher level of success at your next auto show event.

1. Promote, Promote, Promote

The first step to reaping the full benefits of car show girls is promoting your event. All it takes is a quick Google search to show you that the bulk of your target audience is interested in which types of car show girls will be present at the events they are attending. By getting the word out to the masses that your booth will feature fun and attractive talent, you’ll generate a lot more interest for your automobiles and may find that attendees will specifically seek out your table. You can promote your upcoming show(s) on your website, blog, and Facebook, but it is also wise to send out press releases and local ads in order to generate buzz for events in remote locations.

2. Encourage Customer Interactions

Car shows can do a lot more than just smile and wave their hands like Vanna White. In addition to being beautiful, these talented women are specifically trained to interact with your customers and improve your brand’s overall image. When you welcome the idea of interactions between your girls and your customers, you’ll find that many more attendees will be attracted to your booth. Consider allowing the ladies to put on an engaging presentation or to demonstrate how various features of your vehicles work. Car show girls are also great at generating buzz for any promotional contests you’d like to feature at your booth. One of your models could ask trivia questions about your brand, while the other distributes prizes to participants and winners. By allowing your car show girls to mingle with your target audience, your prospective customers will loosen up and feel more inclined to seek information about your brand. And regardless of whether a particular trade show allows you to close a deal, you’ll build solid consumer relationships that will translate into increased sales.

3. Associate Your Brand

To get the most out of your auto show girls, they must be associated with your brand. If you’ve got promotional girls walking the floor of the exhibition hall, for example, but they are not wearing brand apparel, how will attendees know where to go to find your booth? You and your girls will be far more memorable when they are affiliated with your brand name. In some cases, vendors prefer that their car show models wear glamorous dresses. But just because your girls are dressed to impress doesn’t mean that they can’t represent your brand. Be sure that any photo opportunities with the ladies are staged with your company name and logo in the background so that they can plainly be seen when attendees post the pictures online. In this way, your car show girls become more than just pretty faces – they become ambassadors for your brand.

4. Keep Them Circulating

Although you definitely want car show girls at your booth, it is also smart to have at least one promotional girl circulating around the floor. Auto show girls are trained to do more than just pass out your promotional materials or giveaways; they can inspire guests to visit your booth. This will ensure that you have a steady flow of traffic coming to your table and learning about your vehicles.

When you stick with these tips, you will get the most out of your auto show girls as you experience a whole new level of success.

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