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4 Occasions When You Should Use Eye Candy For Your Exhibit Booth

| July 10, 2018

CMT Agency Promo ModelsCMT Agency Promo Models

As you may have noticed, companies that receive the most attention at a tradeshow are the ones using promotional models as eye candy at their booth. Models are perfect for boosting your brand appeal by manipulating the entire image of your company.

Although using eye candy for booths incurs higher initial costs, when used in the right situations, promo models can help you to increase your ROI and generate more leads. Promo models are no longer limited to being just a pretty face; they are now frequently given a more active role, increasing the situations when they can be used. Following are just a few occasions when it is beneficial to use promotional models.

1. Prospects require additional information about a product or service

A promo model’s job is not done after a prospect is attracted to your company’s booth: he or she can then provide the potential customer with extensive information about the products and services on offer. This is a much more cost effective method than requiring additional staff to talk to your clients and can be particularly useful when your booth is receiving a lot of visitors.

Good promotional models are not only physically attractive but are also trained in the art of communication and brand promotion. They know how to assess people as potential leads according to your criteria. Although your own employees will probably have extensive knowledge of products, they may be experienced in interacting with customers, especially if they are technicians rather than salespeople.

People are more likely to listen to someone they find attractive allowing you to engage prospects for a longer amount of time. You can also benefit from this by allowing your promo models to showcase how products work.

Your promotional models should have the answers to any questions customers are likely to ask by knowing all the basic information about your company, products or services. They must know to whom they should direct questions they cannot answer, and should carry your message across in a clear and concise way.

2. You are competing with many other companies for attention

There are most likely a lot of visitors at the tradeshow, and therefore a huge number of potential clients, but how can you ensure they will come to your booth instead of going to your competitors’? It is easy if you have promotional models as your booth instantly has a greater appeal. This increases your chance of generating leads and customers without any extra effort.

Booth models do not need stay static; you can ask your models to walk around the tradeshow passing out fliers and promotional items. Like this, when customers who may otherwise not even see your booth will actively seek it.

3. You need to gather information from consumers

Using the fact that clients are more likely to speak to an attractive model, you can gain valuable feedback about products and services, opinions of your brand, what customers would like to see from the company, and anything else that would be useful for future promotions.

4. Your brand is relatively unknown

If your brand is quite new and still unknown by many prospects, it is necessary to increase your brand awareness. People will notice a model wearing your logo on a shirt, apron or sash and create an association in their mind. Later, they will remember your promo model whenever they are reminded of the brand name and will feel positive about the company.

Similarly, people are more likely to take marketing materials from an attractive model. Throughout the event, they will be presented with many companies, but your chances of being remembered are increased if prospects leave with promotional products and fliers from you.

How has using eye candy for booths helped your brand image? On what occasions have promotional models been the most useful for you?  Leave us a comment and lest us know!