4 Greetings to Knock the Chill Off A Brand Ambassador’s First Impressions

| November 26, 2019

Seasons greetings brands and brand ambassadors! If selling enough product is a part of your wish list this season, we’ve got answers. So many people are bombarded with products during the holidays making it hard for you and your team to make your numbers for each event. You don’t have to come up with gimmicks to attract traffic to your booths, here are some tips that will help your brand make a lasting impression this season:

1. Video Greetings

Not all brand ambassadors are naturally charismatic. Help them out with a warm opening like a video introduction before the event. Sending out a quick reminder email and/or social media post before the event can set the expectation of what your brand ambassadors are offering and how well the audience response. Introduce the talent to potential event attendees before they get to an event with a personalized touch by making it specific to the event and where your talent will be. The closer you can do this to the event date, the better!

2. Straight Forward Product Placement

People aren’t looking to be tricked into buying a product so be upfront with what they can do to win the prize a.k.a your product. You can even lay it all out on the table for your talent to make small talk while visitors grab what they need. The more direct your product placement is, the quicker the brand ambassadors can start a conversation about your product.

3. Create Story Filters for Visitors to Use

Story filters help trade show guests promote the brand for you. Posting fun pictures at your booth that are branded can be linked to your location giving you an edge on the sea of competition. Story filters are available on Snapchat and Instagram. Your team can customize face filters for Instagram through a third-party platform that places your brand or product in the selfies your guest takes at your booth. Show off your brand’s artistic side with snap chat filters. These filters are more like borders for selfies taken within your event location. Spice up your social media presence without forgetting about the brand.

4. Bring your brand to life

Bringing life into your booth can be a figure of speech or literal. A couple of years ago, we brought a live parrot in our booth to attract curious guests at a tradeshow and it worked! You may not be able to find an animal to place in your booth but lighten the mood with lively reminders of your brand’s origin story, the season or your brand name. Here’s an example: Whiteclaw can use surfboard-shaped table/booth and any brand can serve snowflake-shaped samplers for the holiday season.

Knock the chill off first impressions for your brand ambassadors and make it simpler to introduce and sell your product at any event you book. The holidays are the busiest season for brands looking to make an impression on their target audience. Our 4 tips will help you and your team make every event count whether you’re the brand ambassador or the brand.