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4 Events You Should Hire Trade Show Models For

| August 18, 2017

hire trade show models

You have a trade show coming up in a few months. You want your trade show presence to boost your company to the next level. That means making the biggest impact possible with your booth visitors – potential and existing customers. They can get excited about your company or they can look elsewhere, so making the best impression is imperative. Hiring trade show models is definitely on the agenda.

What events are the best place to hire trade show models for? Here are four times of when to call in CMT Agency’s models:

  1. Live product demonstrations– Many companies do live demonstrations of products on the trade show floor. Quite often they do it at set times to offer a reason for people to return to the booth. Visitors can see what your products can do and what your company has to offer. Bringing in a trade show model to help with the demonstration is the perfect answer. The promotional girls can showcase your product and offer an experience customers will remember. You can train the models on how to perform the demo and what features you want he or she to highlight. Then, let the model lead the way and watch your audience respond.
  2. Cocktail parties/reception– Many companies host receptions and cocktail parties for their trade show visitors. Using trade show models during these events is a natural fit with marketing efforts. They can mingle with the crowd and engage customers. They can watch guests, making sure they have a drink and appetizers if they want. They can talk with the guests about your company and your products. They become an extension of your company. With training and preparation, they will make your event something visitors will remember and keep in mind when they want to buy your product.
  3. Guest speaking events– Are you bringing in someone of note to do a speech or presentation? You can make this a highlight of your trade show presentation. A trade show model or two can make a big difference in the presentation. They can help the speaker with slides or physical demonstrations. They can mingle with guests before and after the speech to talk about the company and its products. A trade show model is more than a pretty face. You can have one as an emcee. You might have a bit of entertainment before or after the speech with a skit. You might even bring in a comedian. The options are endless.
  4. Entertainment–Your booth can become the hit of the show. Done right, entertainment spots can attract plenty of people to your booth. Bring in someone who does celebrity impersonations or is a celebrity look-a-like. Have someone on hand who juggles or does another act. Models can do skits or other bits to entertain booth visitors.  A trade show model does not have to be a leggy, blonde wearing a Vegas show girl outfit. What does that have to do with your company? It provides a change of pace from normal trade show presentations. It shows your company has a sense of humor. It creates a personal bond with people who laugh and smile while visiting your booth.

This is just a sample of the many events that you can hire trade show models for. Many models are college students or graduates with plenty of experience and talent. They can learn about your company, the brand, and the products and services you offer. That allows them to engage your booth guests in articulate conversations. They can pass out promotional materials, move guests towards sign-up areas, and do much of the mundane work that you do not want to pay employees to do so they can concentrate on selling products and services to customers.

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