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3 Virtual Event Ideas to Try Out Now

| April 29, 2020

If there’s one characteristic that defines all those who inhabit the event industry space, it’s that we are a resilient group of people chock-full of creative ideas. It’s no surprise that event planners and brands have come up with new and innovative ways to connect with their audiences’ sans booth.

While there’s nothing better than physical interaction when pitching to a client or getting an attendee’s reaction from trying out your product or service, there are a few digital alternatives that get the job done. Let’s explore some of these virtual events. Who knows, it may even inspire you to take one of your in real life (IRL) events to the digital realm.

Online Music Festival Anyone?
Spring season is also music festival season. It makes sense. Who wouldn’t want to meet up with friends and drink a few cool adult beverages while watching class A musical talent? It will be a while before we’re allowed to enjoy music festivals IRL but you can still make it happen online.

Fortnite, a popular game among millennials and Generation Z, proved that it can happen when they launched a concert right in the game. Approximately 10.7 gamers showed up to watch DJ Marshmallow hit the deck, and many more showed up on Twitter to see the live stream.

With so many streaming and hosting platforms available (think YouTube or Instagram), taking your music festival virtual can be a creative way to get front and center with your target audience. Plus, there’s no better way to beat the stay-at -home blues then listening to your favorite artists.  

Sampling Goes Virtual
You know what else spring season is well known for? Food and wine festivals. Like their musical counterpart, you can set up an online tasting/sampling event. How? This is going to require a bit of logistics. After all, the point is to get people to sample your food and adult beverage selection.

To make it fun and lower delivery costs, consider partnering with other brands to send samples to attendees’ front doors. Then host the event on a platform like House Party, for example, where your audience can interact and share their thoughts online. Make it more engaging by setting up virtual games, giveaways, or discounts. 

Make It a Digital Summit

Turning a tradeshow or conference into a digital event is a no-brainer and a common practice among B2Bs. If you already have your speakers’ content, all you have to do is leverage a webinar tool like Go-to-Meeting to set those bad boys up (take advantage of the free access now).

Like any event, you’ll have to consider the logistics to make sure that every speaker gets a slot. And don’t forget to think of ways to make it interactive. The more engaged you can be with your audience, the more memorable you will be.

If there’s one thing that the human condition has taught us, it is that in times of adversity we all have the immense capacity for innovative breakthroughs that take us to the next level of growth. So, consider how you can make these digital events your own. IRL events will happen again. In the meantime, let’s make some lemonade.

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