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3 Times You’ll Want To Use Global Staffing

| May 14, 2018

Does your company have an international presence? Whether you have one now or want to set up one in the near future, doing business in different global locations is a challenge for companies of all sizes. You may have an office in each place or you may want to get a foothold in a new global site. No matter what, there are times when you need to enhance your staffing at different international destinations.

Doing business in new countries is a great way to grow your company, prove your international brand, and open up new markets for your products. Promotional events are great ways to make these introductions no matter where you are on the planet.

When you are ready to host your promotional events, you need a global staffing company at your back. They can coordinate efforts in multiple countries at the same time if you need them to. Then again, they can manage a single event in your new market country. The choice is yours.

When to Use Global Staffing

When are the best times to bring in the experts of global staffing?

  1. Introducing a Brand to a New Country – When you are ready to enter a new country with an unknown brand, you need someone to handle staffing your kick-off events. In a strange country, you likely do not have the contacts or experience to do it yourself. Plus, your company has other focuses during this critical time. This is the perfect time to bring in experts in getting talent in global locations, maybe even find brand ambassadors for your company. They can provide all the staff you need for all the kick-off events you want to have.
  2. Introducing a New Product to the World – Do you have a product just coming out? Do you want to introduce it into all the markets your company is in around the world? Coordinating multiple events around the globe is a logistical challenge even for veterans. Leave the staffing of these events to the global experts. They can get the talent your events need and get them trained and ready for your upcoming kick-off events. Whether you need talent in San Francisco, New York, London, Sydney, or Abu Dhabi, you can use a staffing agency that has a presence in all these cities and more.
  3. Participating in an International Trade Show – Trade shows happen around the world. Placing your company, your brand, and your products out there is a great way to bring your company into the international market. When presenting your company for the first time at an international trade show with trade show models, you want to make the best presentation possible. Bringing in professional global staffing is the only answer. It will bring your exhibit up to the highest level and make your brand stand out.

What Kind of Staff Can You Find Internationally

When putting together an international event, you may need a range of event staff to make your presentation spectacular. Some of these can include promotional models, trade show models, emcees, demonstrators, brand ambassadors, bartenders, wait staff, and audio/video engineers.

All of this is available through an agency that specializes in global staffing. They have the talent and the contacts in each country to bring the right people into your event. Do not leave staffing to the amateurs. It will backfire and make your international presentation memorable in the wrong ways. Choose the best agency and make your event the best you have ever had.