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3 Things To Expect When You Use Bar Promotions

| December 20, 2016

If you own a bar or a nightclub, generating traffic is a big part of keeping the doors open. Even a mature establishment wants to welcome new customers. Bar promotions offers a way to attract new customers. There are so many types of promotions.

Talent Can Elevate Your Happy Hour

A happy hour rewards existing customers and can attract new ones. But, you can take a happy hour to a new level by discounting a selection of menu items and create special cocktail and appetizer combinations. Another idea is to hold special promotions around popular sporting events whether a local football team or even national events like the Super Bowl.

Hiring the right talent for a liquor promotion is an effective way to promote your bar or nightclub.

Three things you can expect when you use bar promotions at your event:
  • Attract new customers and turn them into loyal patrons.
    When you hold a bar promotion, you showcase your establishment’s offering. Make sure your staff is at top form. Offer good drinks and good food. Give them a good time. When you do it right, a good number of them will return in the future. Some will become loyal customers who bring friends and family. That is a truly good result of a bar promotion.
  • Excite existing customers Having an existing customer base is great.
    Your establishment needs to stay fresh and exciting to keep them coming back or more often. Regular bar promotions can help keep their interest and to get them to bring friends with them.
  • Increase the value of each customer transaction.
    When you use these promotions, you will increase the amount of each bar transaction. Promotions tempt patrons to stay longer and order more beverages and food. You can market the higher profit items and add even more value to each bill the customers are paying.
How can you make your bar promotions into a special event?

Bringing in new customers and more revenue are typical goals. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Hire street teams to pass out flyers and drum up interest in your event.
    Whether you are having a special happy hour or a live band, a street team can get the word out to people who would enjoy your establishment.
  • Use promotional models.
    Models can pass out marketing materials and engage customers. The promotional models will help the patrons relax and make the event more successful.
  • Bring in greeters, emcees, and other specialists to enhance your staff for these events.
    They can keep the party going while your regular employees handle their usual duties.

You can use bar promotions to make your event something that everyone will remember. You will get new customers coming in the door and make your loyal customers happy. Revenue will increase and your efforts will help your bottom line. That is why using bar promotions is a great idea for your bar or nightclub.