3 Experiential Marketing Lessons Learned From SuperBowl LIV

| February 6, 2020

If you’re like us, you were probably watching the Super Bowl this weekend for the commercials. Outside of the funny punchlines and breathtaking moments, we realized there’s more to the success of these short clips. These commercials were successful in their cinematography and marketing. But what else can we take away from them to make our 2020 events more impactful? Here are three experiential marketing lessons we learned from Super Bowl LIV.

Plot Twists Can Be Your Punchlines

Rocket Mortgage aired a disruptive yet remarkable ad that went against the grain of what you would expect from a traditional mortgage lending company. Jason Momoa shows off his comedic chops in a surreal take on comfort and kicking back after a long day. At the end of the commercial, we’re left with a scrawnier, less attractive Jason Momoa that revealed a plot twist that left most audiences chuckling.

What we learned from this commercial was that it’s effective to use the spokesperson as your punchline. Emphasizing why they’re notable and steering away from that as the punchline makes marketing exciting. Find ways to give your audience a laugh or two by going against the grain. An example of this approach is making a “Heartbreak Hotel” booth for your Valentine’s Day events. Visitors will thank you for your originality and situational irony.

Build On Memory

Mountain Dew paid homage to the classic thriller, The Shining. This commercial recreated an iconic scene that didn’t miss any cue for product placement. From an elevator full of Mountain Dew to the creepy twin girls, Mountain Dew made its mission to use an unmistakably familiar set design that featured their product beautifully.

The product placement and a little bit of ingenuity taught us that using nostalgia won’t fail as long as it’s done right. Maintaining the essence of the original is key when you’re faced with the challenge of jogging your audience’s memory. But how does this apply to you?

Branding relies heavily on familiarity for movie themed or character themed events. A simple technique in marketing is to use a notable moment or motif as the focal point, like the rose in a glass for Beauty and the Beast or the black pearl in the Pirates of the Caribbean. Build your stories around familiarity and watch visitors flock to your brand.

In fact, we followed this same approach when promoting an adult beverage brand for BFG Marketing Agency. Take a look at how it turned out here.

Address Pain Points Effectively

In all seriousness, every ad for the Super Bowl wasn’t solely about making you laugh, and that’s a good thing. Microsoft took a moment to highlight the first female coach and first openly gay coach in the Super Bowl, Katie Sowers. The commercial took the appropriate tone of triumph and grit to tell this amazing story. It put the spotlight on a trailblazer but also sent a message that there’s more work to be done.

All events aren’t about holidays or festivities. Some are about bringing awareness to a cause or charity. Evoke that level of sincerity through your tone and messaging. It’s easy to stick to the status quo of participating in a fundraising event but paying attention to the message that you send as a brand is important.

Knowing if your brand is appropriate for certain events is also a way to keep the tone and messaging aligned. If Children’s Hospital is throwing an event and needs vendors, it’s best that an adult beverage company sit this one out. Although the brand can’t participate in the event physically, donations go a long way. Let your brand do the good work for the future.

Interested in learning how you can leverage these tips at your next event? Let our client services representatives tell you how.

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